Wednesday, 22 June 2011

More beautiful things

1. Gin and tonic with a thick slice of lime on a warm evening.

2. Sitting on the balcony, gin and tonic in hand, looking down at the street below. The trees are in full bloom now which obscures some of the view, but from my spot I could see lots of sky, birds wheeling around, and several other people on their balonies.

3. I could also see the comings and goings at the little bar directly below us. It's run by a Chinese couple whose children (a girl and boy aged about 8 and 6) spend quite a lot of time playing outside the bar. This evening the girl was poised over a small rectangular table which looked like it had been specially set up for her. Pens and coloured pencils scattered around her, she was putting all her concentration into a drawing, totally absorbed in her work.

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