Friday, 26 March 2010

Pictures I

Last night the metro was still busy at 11pm. Among the passengers was a guy about my age, who unlike the rest of us, looked bright and awake. He had a big camera slung round his neck and seemed to be taking close ups of things around the carriage. I noticed him pointing the lens towards my feet and heard the click of the shutter. I glanced up at him with a questioning sort of smile and he smiled back and leant straight across to show me the result - my battered trainers and the wheel of someone's pushbike.

Barcelona was sunny today, the light was clear and the air was warm. I felt like taking pictures too, but had to rush from one class to another and once I'd finished it was dusk.

I did take one important picture this week though - of a hand puppet known as Mr Monkey. He makes appearances in my class of six year olds sometimes, and this Easter he's going to travel to England with me. I took a snap of him on his first leg of the journey and showed it too the children, who found it very funny.