Friday, 20 December 2013

Open Mic

Most weeks people have to be shushed when an act is about to start, but tonight the crowd is unusually placid and when the Catalan guy comes onto stage and taps the microphone nervously there is an immediate lull in conversation. Adjusting and readjusting his guitar strap, the young man seems to be delaying the inevitable. This open mic night is a relaxed, friendly affair and if previous acts are anything to go by, all forms of expression are embraced. It’s his first time though. He steps forward and speaks quietly into the microphone, addressing the crowd in shaky English. The spectators are a rough split between locals and foreigners, and I think us foreigners are all touched at this detail. He plays three songs; one in English and two in Catalan, all three composed by him, and finishes to rapturous applause. He grins widely as he hops down off the stage, and I enjoy seeing him have his hair ruffled playfully by a friend.