Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Chau, febrero

3 beautiful things:

Turning a corner (emotionally, mentally) after a difficult few days.

A run in the park just as the sun is dipping behind the moutains that circle Barcelona. As I approach a summit I notice a man standing quietly, facing the last of the light. His eyes are closed and he's taken off his shoes. He looks so peaceful that I am distracted from my lead-legs and bursting lungs.

Six year olds helping each other to complete an exercise in their books. Sure, there is an incentive (gold star for your folder, anyone?) but it is a lovely thing to see.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sunday sun

I was too hot in my coat a couple of days ago, sitting next to a pool full of goldfish.

Monday, 1 February 2010

A stretch of city beach on Saturday. Children clamber about on a climbing frame which looks Spiderman-ish to me, and rather fun. A friend told me about a year ago that she had a go on one during a school trip with her pupils, and confirmed it was indeed a lot of fun. At the time I didn't know her very well, and this, coming from someone who is normally quite dry and sensible, was totally unexpected in the best sort of way.

My Sunday lunch - barbecued calçots (sweet oniony vegetables), a delicious sauce to dip them in, bread, some local wine and an orange.

The drive home on a golden afternoon. It's a novelty being in a car after only really using public transport in Barcelona. We're full of calçots and in a good mood, flicking between radio stations (mostly religious broadcasts, 80s hits or adverts) and laughing.