Friday, 1 October 2010

Some beautiful things

1. The flat has felt oppressive lately. One of the reasons being that the couple have a friend staying, and rather than take him out to see some of Barcelona, they seem to favour staying at home, watching TV and playing computer games. Their guest is a policeman from Segovia who has a sugar addiction and spends much of the time wearing a tight vest. I feel like I'm living in student accommodation again, between the piled up pizza boxes and endless hours of television. Today I realised it was getting to me so grabbed my bag and left earlier than I needed to. The light and space of the street was such a relief. I walked down towards the metro station and felt myself relax. 2. Paying a compliment to a friend, who instead of her normal black/grey/brown was wearing a pretty blue top. She brushed it off, but I could tell she was pleased. 3. Lunch in a Japanese restaurant - four deceptively delicate-looking courses served in quick succession leave us not only full, but aesthetically satisfied. Each dish was tidy and colourful.