Friday, 8 January 2010

Short week

Beautiful things today:

Teenage students moving noisily around the huge brand new wing of their school. The heating doesn't work yet and several things (lift, handrails, board rubbers) need to be finished and got hold of, but lots of the kids have new classrooms and this is adding to the first day back excitment.

Happy New Year, teacherrr!, a couple of students chorus when they see me.

Thinking about how it was actually quite nice to be stranded for an extra day in the UK because of the snow. I fell on my feet staying in a family-run B&B, where there were log fires and friendly dogs (and owners, who took me into town for a drink and made me feel very at home)

I could get used to weeks like this one. Today, my first day back at work, is my only day at work. Friday night never arrived so easily.

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