Monday, 1 February 2010

A stretch of city beach on Saturday. Children clamber about on a climbing frame which looks Spiderman-ish to me, and rather fun. A friend told me about a year ago that she had a go on one during a school trip with her pupils, and confirmed it was indeed a lot of fun. At the time I didn't know her very well, and this, coming from someone who is normally quite dry and sensible, was totally unexpected in the best sort of way.

My Sunday lunch - barbecued calçots (sweet oniony vegetables), a delicious sauce to dip them in, bread, some local wine and an orange.

The drive home on a golden afternoon. It's a novelty being in a car after only really using public transport in Barcelona. We're full of calçots and in a good mood, flicking between radio stations (mostly religious broadcasts, 80s hits or adverts) and laughing.

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